Keith Baker, a cattle farmer in western North Carolina, lives a simple but tiring rural life. Physical labor has become his refuge from emotional frustration, struggle, and sorrow. Returning to his hometown in Alabama, however, he is forced to reunite with old friends and foes and to revisit family stories that shed light on his present life. As autumn passes, Keith, torn between several worlds, searches for justice, meaning, and understanding with his loved ones and with his internal self. His journey leaves us wondering how individual acts affect future generations, and challenges us to acknowledge the true value of personal relationships and the vulnerability of existence.

You can purchase AUTUMN FALLS through Chapel Hill Press, Inc., Amazon and Barnes & Noble (both print and E-reader versions available).

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One thought on “AUTUMN FALLS

  1. This is the type of book that slowly wraps its arms around you. At times, it leans toward a sweet melancholy that made me consider how life choices (and the ensuing consequences) can haunt one long after decisions are made. A great lesson to weigh out all sides before leaning one way or another…

    It is a thoughtful story – speaking of regrets and the bend in the everyone’s path where you glimpse more of life as you continue to travel down the road, doing the best you can in that moment, simply putting one step in front of the last.

    The language in the book is detailed and beautiful, focusing on a man’s quest for a simple life in the south.

    I look forward to more from this author in the future.

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